5 Of The Best Masonic Ring Styles In 2018

For Freemasons, masonic rings and other pieces of jewellery are important symbols of personal identity. They represent the wearer’s affiliation with the Freemasons and identify the wearer to other members. Some masonic rings include general Masonic symbols, such as the set square and compasses, while others symbolise specific lodges, degrees or orders within Freemasonry. Many Masonic groups commission bespoke rings with a unique design for all members of the community to wear.

When purchasing a ring for a Freemason as a gift it is useful to know some details of their membership. Freemasonry can be bewildering to non-masons, so do ask!

Masonic rings make great birthday, Christmas and anniversary gifts, but are also given to mark special occasions in a Mason’s career in the organisation, such as joining a new Lodge or achieving a higher degree. Masonic ring styles are also popular among some non-masons who nevertheless feel drawn to the symbolism or ideals of the Masonic movement.

Here are a few of the most beautiful masonic rings we’ve found online over the past month. These don’t come from our own projects, but we are always delighted to create bespoke pieces of Masonic jewellery in similar styles. Please get in touch to find out more.

1) Sterling Silver Masonic Ring With Onyx & Cubic Zirconium


A beautiful, traditional masonic ring cast in sterling silver with an onyx background and embellished with cubic zirconium stones. This is a masonic ‘dress ring’ usually worn at Lodge meetings.

2) Modern Masonic Ring In Sterling Silver With Enamel


This ring is less of a statement piece but has a modern simplicity that would appeal to many masons for everyday use.

3) Masonic Band


This chunky, very masculine Masonic band is incongruous and can easily be worn alongside other jewellery without risk of a style clash.

4) Rosicrucian Masonic Ring


This bold ring indicates that the member is ‘Rosicrucian’, a group of Christian Freemasons.

5) Traditional Masonic Ring With Skull And Cross Bones

This stunning white and yellow gold signet ring depicts the traditional masonic skull and cross bones symbol, between two pillars representing the Temple of Jerusalem. The style combines traditional masonic with biker jewellery.

Bespoke Masonic Rings From British Jewellery Workshops

We would be delighted to create a bespoke Masonic ring that reflects the style and membership of a special Mason in your life! To find out more, please send us an email or call us directly at our Birmingham workshop.

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